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Accounts Receivable Factoring

Every business eventually faces the need for financing. It takes significant working capital to cover your day-to-day operating costs and expenses, let alone grow your business. In many cases, much of a business’ working capital is tied up in accounts receivable, making it difficult for owners to cover the costs of taking new orders. Read More

Purchase Order Financing

Do you have purchase orders from credit-worthy customers but lack the funds to fill them? Liquid Capital of Colorado’s purchase order financing (P.O. financing) covers up to 100% of the cost of product in transit. This solution allows you to purchase pre-sold product quickly without drawing on your bank line of credit. Read More

Purchase Financing

What do businesses do when purchase order financing and other forms of traditional lending are unavailable to them? Liquid Capital’s Purchase Finance Program might be the solution your business is looking for. Our Purchase Financing Program is a flexible, fast and simple way for a growing business to fund its purchases without the need for purchase order financing.Read More

Third Party Logistics Solutions

Companies typically engage third party logistics (3PL) to outsource elements of their supply chain to another company. The contracted company then manages various logistics functions such as warehousing, order fulfillment, customs, distribution, inbound/outbound freight and more.Read More

International Factoring

International factoring is a form of financing that gives business owners the ability to offer open credit terms to foreign buyers. These buyers may be companies you would not normally be able to sell to, or feel comfortable selling to without a traditional deposit.Read More

Additional Services

At Liquid Capital of Colorado, we offer a wide range of business factoring services, plus a dynamic range of additional financing alternatives – each designed for your specific needs.Read More

Looking for financing options to help your business grow without debt?

Relax. Liquid Capital of Colorado is the choice you didn’t know you had. We offer a robust range of products and tools to bring your business liquidity, flexibility and financial peace of mind.