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Case Studies

Liquid Capital of Colorado has helped many businesses across North America grow and meet their new business objectives. The feedback we receive on our financial solutions and the quality of our hands-on client service is overwhelmingly positive. The following is just a quick snapshot of the success our business partners have realized, thanks in part to the financing solutions offered by Liquid Capital of Colorado.

$350,000 Factoring Line for Cellular Tower Construction:
 This client had an immediate need for cash to sustain viability and to grow. The referring bank could not extend a line of credit. We were able to provide an expanding line of credit that not only kept the client in business, but allowed them to double their volume in less than three months.

$100,000 Factoring Line for Trucking Company: 
This client was repeatedly exceeding their overdraft limit. The referring bank had discussed terminating their relationship if the issue was not resolved. We were able to provide a factoring line to make their account current. This solution provided much-needed working capital while preserving the banking relationship.

$100,000 Factoring Line for Printing Company: 
This client was a prospect to the referring bank. The bank had the opportunity to secure new deposit accounts and believed that they would be able to extend a line of credit in a few months. We extended a factoring line as a bridge financing tool until the bank could put a line of credit in place.

$50,000 Factoring Line for Nurse Staffing Company: 
This new but rapidly growing nurse staffing company had received authorization by the State of Tennessee to double their coverage in some areas. The company had been turning this business away, as they were struggling with hiring new personnel while having to wait the 45 days for payments from the state. Liquid Capital was able to step in and provide financing that would allow the company to accept these orders without having to worry about the slower payments and cash flow strain. The company can now focus on building and growing their business.

“Liquid Capital has been one of the biggest assets of my company in offering a very professional, efficient and reliable service. The company’s advice and alternative financing solutions were paramount in providing the best way forward. I would recommend Liquid Capital in a heartbeat to take the pressure for one’s cash flow needs and allow one to focus on sales and the running of the company.”

Alex Urquhart, Managing Director, Finro Illuminations

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