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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Liquid Capital of Colorado accounts receivable financing (factoring)?

  • Liquid Capital of Colorado has the largest network of alternative funding professionals across North America
  • The capacity to take care of your funding needs, whatever your stage of growth
  • Customized, flexible approach with local decision-makers ready to take your call
  • Immediate financing upon approval
  • Credit coverage and accounts receivable management services can be included to reduce risk, time and overhead expenses
  • Not dependent on your balance sheet, or time-in-business
  • 24-hour online reporting system
  • No long-term contracts, hidden fees or debt
  • A formula-based financing model that grows automatically with your business. This is in contrast to the fixed “line” offered by banks that must be renegotiated each time your business expands.

What is accounts receivable financing?
Accounts receivable financing (factoring) is an innovative way for your business to access quick and secure financing through the sale of your credit-worthy invoices. Liquid Capital of Colorado purchases these, immediately forwards your business up to 85% of the invoice value, and then forwards you the remaining value (less applicable fees) upon collection. Liquid Capital of Colorado even takes the headache out of having to collect on the invoices yourself.

What is the difference between accounts receivable financing and factoring?
Accounts receivable financing and factoring are just terms explaining the exact same innovative financing solution. Liquid Capital of Colorado is North America’s recognized market leader in factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing.

What is purchase order financing?
Purchase order financing is a short-term financing tool designed to help your business grow. Upon approval, your business can access the funding required to complete outstanding purchase orders and purchase pre-sold product quickly without having to access funds from your line of credit.

Is purchase order financing right for my business?
If your company is receiving orders at a greater rate than your available working capital, purchase order financing might be right for you. Upon approval, Liquid Capital of Colorado will help finance your outstanding purchase orders, saving you the need to apply for other more cumbersome short-term financing options.

Will Liquid Capital of Colorado issue letters of credit for purchase order financing arrangements?
Liquid Capital of Colorado will provide letters of credit when required. We can also arrange for inspection of your purchased product to ensure total peace of mind.

What is international factoring?
International factoring, or the process of offering your business financing against foreign accounts receivables, is a service Liquid Capital of Colorado offers to help you grow business partnerships internationally. The benefit of international factoring is that it can open up opportunities for your business anywhere in the world.

What business factoring services are right for my business?
At Liquid Capital of Colorado, we realize that every business is different so we’ve built a suite of customizable business factoring services. Whatever your unique needs, our business factoring services are designed to give you the capital you require to help your business grow.