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Trade Financing Options

Is your business growing and in need of an infusion of cash to keep up with growing customer demand? Then you may be wise to consider short-term financing solutions. Short-term financing is often viewed as a great way to expand your business without having to commit to options like issuing more shares and long-term debt. Short term financing usually matures within one year or less, with repayment typically made within 90 to 120 days.

The problem with the short-term financing options offered by banks and other major lenders is that they only offer a line-based financing system based on your existing business equity and to a lesser extent, past performance. If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may not have enough equity on your balance sheet to secure the amount of short-term financing you need. Do you scale down your business dreams and entrepreneurial ambition, or is it time to consider a financing alternative that is forward-thinking, quick, easy, risk-free and able to grow with you?

Before reaching out to a bank or major lender, look at your other short-term financing options. Factoring with Liquid Capital offers several advantages over the financing arrangements offered by major lenders:

  • Banks offer a financing arrangement based on what your business has done in the past and what assets you currently own; Liquid Capital of Colorado looks to the future and the opportunities that are there for you.
  • While banks  can take weeks, or even months, to approve short-term financing, Liquid Capital of Colorado can get the funds in your hands within days – without disrupting your existing banking relationships.
  • Options such as factoring from Liquid Capital of Colorado are not loans, so they do not appear on the liability side of your balance sheet. This allows you to avoid adding further debt to your business, and in doing so keep your balance sheet strong.
  • If the bank does grant your company a loan, it will likely be a credit line with a fixed limit. Liquid Capital of Colorado financing is based on a formula that will automatically grow to expand as your business grows, without the need to renegotiate.

Because of the advantages of factoring, more and more small and medium-sized businesses are turning to Liquid Capital of Colorado as their preferred alternative to short-term financing. In fact, many of our clients are referrals from bankers and other financial service professionals who are unable to provide financing themselves due to their own credit standards. As such, Liquid Capital of Colorado routinely helps bank clients by funding them in ways that the bank is unable to do on its own.

Liquid Capital of Colorado is a leading provider of the following short-term financing alternatives:

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Purchase Financing Program
  • Third Party Logistics Solutions
  • International Factoring
  • And more . . .

With the flexibility, fair rates, and great customer service, we found Liquid Capital to be the right choice for our company. By putting monies at our disposal, we can compete with some of the larger companies.”

Jeff Garman, Owner
, Garman Trucking

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