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International Factoring

International factoring is a form of financing that gives business owners the ability to offer open credit terms to foreign buyers. These buyers may be companies you would not normally be able to sell to, or feel comfortable selling to without a traditional deposit.

Liquid Capital of Colorado’s international factoring takes the stress out of negotiating and managing international business. Because we fund the invoice upfront and take on the risk, business owners can now increase their foreign sales freely while improving their balance sheet. International factoring allows you to drastically increase your prospective supplier network to all corners of the globe, increasing the number of opportunities available to you and making your business infinitely more attractive.

Foreign receivables are usually underserved assets. Domestic banks or lenders typically consider foreign receivables to be ineligible and do not feel comfortable providing capital availability against these foreign receivables. We lend against foreign receivables, giving our clients more capital to grow their businesses and pay expenses.

As business owners and operators, we understand that selling to international customers is a huge opportunity that can be financially challenging and difficult to manage. Sometimes you will encounter foreign customers who are taking too long to pay, no longer willing to pay, or can’t afford to pay an upfront deposit and are now demanding open terms.

On top of these obstacles, you might be forced by your bank to buy credit insurance that has a high upfront premium. Perhaps your overseas sales are expanding, but the prospect of potential write-offs are too daunting? Whatever the case, at Liquid Capital of Colorado, we have the experience and resources to help any business with their import/export financing and international factoring needs.

The Liquid Capital of Colorado International Factoring Advantage

  • Allows you to increase your sales network internationally
  • Allows you to conduct business without a deposit – because Liquid Capital of Colorado’s international factoring funds the invoice up front and absorbs the risk
  • Liquid Capital of Colorado helps you go places domestic banks and lenders often will not, because other lenders and institutions do not feel comfortable financing against foreign receivables
  • Unlike most major North American banks and lenders, Liquid Capital of Colorado does not require you to purchase expensive credit insurance


“Liquid Capital has been an amazing partner to us at Eco Lips. Getting cash in hand at the beginning of a sales transaction has not only helped fuel our growth, but has also minimized the cash-flow struggles we commonly experience as a small business. It is comforting to know that Liquid Capital is there for us, offering the most flexible and personalized factoring service in Iowa.”

Steve Shriver, 
Eco Lips Inc.

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