purchase financing

Purchase Financing

What do businesses do when purchase order financing and other forms of traditional lending are unavailable to them?

Liquid Capital of Colorado’s Purchase Finance Program might be the solution your business is looking for. Our Purchase Financing Program is a flexible, fast and simple way for a growing business to fund its purchases without the need for purchase order financing. Purchases can be for goods for resale, services, inventory or consumption; suppliers can be either domestic or international.

The Liquid Capital Purchase Financing Program is simple. There are no rigid conditions and hidden costs. No onerous lending conditions and covenants. No disturbance of existing bank and other lender security. Liquid Capital of Colorado’s Purchase Financing Program simply requires that your business be in good financial health.

Isn’t it time your business looked into healthy purchase financing with the Liquid Capital of Colorado’s Purchase Financing Program?

How Liquid Capital of Colorado’s Purchase Financing Program works:

  1. You complete an application for the Liquid Capital of Colorado Purchase Finance Program
  2. Liquid Capital of Colorado performs due diligence, such as a customer credit check and credit monitoring; we then underwrite the credit and request a credit limit
  3. Agreement and other documents are finalized, including an invoice for the client
  4. You take delivery and the Purchase Finance Program invoice is issued
  5. Transaction is finalized once you pay the Purchase Financing Program invoice to Liquid Capital of Colorado
  6. Payment terms can be up to 90 days; extended terms can be negotiated

The Liquid Capital of Colorado’s Purchase Financing Program advantages:

  • Easy, fast turnaround
  • No complicated letters of credit (unless requested by your supplier)
  • Not disruptive to existing lender security
  • Strengthens your financial health
  • No conditions placed on purchased goods
  • No complicated delivery of storage covenants
  • Raw materials, parts and equipment purchases are all covered under this purchase financing model
  • Helps your business take advantage of timely market offers such as supplier discounts, limited time offers and bulk purchasing opportunities

“Liquid Capital has been one of the biggest assets of my company in offering a very professional, efficient and reliable service. The company’s advice and alternative financing solutions were paramount in providing the best way forward. I would recommend Liquid Capital in a heartbeat to take the pressure for one’s cash flow needs and allow one to focus on sales and the running of the company.”

Alex Urquhart, Managing Director, Finro Illuminations

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