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Purchase Order Financing

Do you have purchase orders from credit-worthy customers but lack the funds to fill them?

Liquid Capital of Colorado’s purchase order financing covers up to 100% of the cost of product in transit. This solution allows you to purchase pre-sold product quickly without drawing on your bank line of credit. This solution gives you additional liquidity to help to grow your business.

Often, foreign and domestic manufacturers require letters of credit before beginning the production or shipment of a finished product. With purchase order financing, we provide letters of credit for you when required. We also arrange for product inspection anywhere in the world, ensuring quality and purchase order compliance.

How Purchase Order Financing Works:

  1. You receive a purchase order from your customer for finished product
  2. You issue a purchase order to your vendor to fill the order
  3. Your vendor requires a letter of credit prior to manufacturing or shipping the product
  4. Liquid Capital provides the letter of credit on your behalf when required
  5. The vendor manufactures the product you’ve ordered and the product is inspected
  6. Product is shipped, title is transferred and an invoice is issued to your business
  7. Accounts receivable is created for the product and the customer pays Liquid Capital of Colorado

“In a time when money was tight, due to lost contracts and slow payment from existing customers, Liquid Capital came through for us. By selling our invoices to Liquid Capital, we were able to pay our vendors in a timely manner and to procure new accounts to replace lost accounts. Without the support of Liquid Capital, we may very well have closed our doors. Now our outlook is better than ever.”

Kevin M. Berry, President, 
The Berry Best, Inc.

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